Harness the power of the world's biggest social network for your website
Drive an unlimited number of  highly targeted visitors to your web page or affiliate offer in a matter of seconds and explode your sites true earning potential...
Advanced stealth technology to hide the jacking process from visitors.
Jack a desired percentage of your visitors. Control the rate your followers grow.
Disable the jacking process for certain traffic based on IPs. Put known Facebook IPs that representatives use to be on the safest side.
Ignore traffic based on referrer. Disable the jacking process for users coming from certain sites.

What does The Facebook Follow Jacker Plugin do?

Simply put the FB Follow Jacker WordPress plugin is the most advanced blackhat plugin on the market that will allow you to jack everyone who visits your site and make him an instant follower of your facebook profile

The plugin jacks Followers to a FB personal profile from the traffic that you get on your site.

The jacking process uses a stealth pop up box with customizable text.

When the visitor clicks to close the pop up his FB account gets follow jacked.

You can later market all you want to your newly created followers base.

Just Take a Look at The Results Some Of Our Customers Achieved In A Matter Of Days

FB Follow Jacker Has Loads of Powerful Features!
Truly One-stop solution for your Facebook marketing needs.

With FB Follow Jacker you get the complete reach of your followers!

Imagine that you have a FB profile account with 10,000 followers.

You would be able to post Anything on your wall and ALL of the followers would be able to see that content.

Compare that with a FB page that has 10,000 likes – only a small percentage of the total likers of the fan page are able to see the status update. When you post on the wall of that page you would still need to pay for post boosting in order to reach all of the page's followers.

By using FB Follow Jacker you are using a one-stop system to generate a following mass that You control!

You have the ability to spam Whenever You Want and As Much As You Want.

Compare this to a FB Group with 10,000 members - if you try the same posting routine there you would be flagged for spam, kicked, blocked or even reported.

By posting on your FB profile's wall you are not a subject of any moderation.

The FB Follow Jacker Has Some Awesome Features!

List of locations which are going to be ignored by the Jacker.
Disable the jacking process for traffic coming from certain countries. Keep the followers from top level countries.

IP blacklist
Add IPs for which the plugin will not activate.

Time interval when plugin is inactive
Determine a time interval when the plugin will be inactive. Keep a low profile with the jacking process.

Referer Check. Block certain referer domains.
Ignore traffic based on referrer. Disable the jacking process for users coming from certain sites.
FB Follow Jacker Helps You With List Building Too!
Imagine for a moment that your optin page can be seen by thousands of people with a push of a button and even better what if those people's friends can see that as well?!
With FB Follow Jacker You Can Create a Huge followers base while saving yourself a lot of trouble
Forget about cycling through proxies and accounts and burning money on them every day!

Are you Sick and Tired of getting banned on Facebook because:

  • You’ve sent too many friend requests?
  • You’ve posted in too many groups?
  • You’ve joined too many groups?
  • You can’t create a custom target audience?
  • You were flagged for suspicious activities?

Are you sick and tired of paying for boosting posts and not getting the full reach of your page’s followers?

Get the FB Follow Jacker Now
Secure Your Copy of Facebook Follow Jacker and Take Control of Your FB Marketing Efforts!!

Getting FB Followers has never been this easy before and right you now you're just moments away from having the most powerful FB Follow Jacker for your WordPress site.

And if you have any problems installing, setting up or using the plugin then our dedicated customer support desk is on hand to assist you every step of the way.

Michael Sherriff


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